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Bouncing Baby Beverly

Bouncing Baby Beverly by avhell
Bouncing Baby Beverly, a photo by avhell on Flickr.

Don’t worry, no babies were harmed in the making of this photo (unless giggles count as harm). She was a really good sport, and just look at that smile!

I figure if I’m going to be taking hundreds of photos of her, might as well make some of them fun!

This was shot with a 20" softbox camera right, and some sunlight from a large covered window directly behind. I probably could have used a little more fill light from left, but I really like how it all turned out!

Update: I’ve put together a tutorial on how I shot this image, and Mike over at PetaPixel was kind enough to post it there, so check it out for more info!

PetaPixel - How to Make a Photo of a Bouncing Baby

And I figured I would just add a couple of other cute photos of her flying in some fashion…

Beverly Floating by avhell
Beverly Floating, a photo by avhell on Flickr.
Balancing Act by avhell
Balancing Act, a photo by avhell on Flickr.

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