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Planet Express Logo (Futurama)

I’ve got strange habits to fall asleep at night. I personally like to have a movie or tv show I’m really familiar with running to fall asleep to. In college I had a VHS tape(!) of Blade Runner that I would play every, single, night, to fall asleep to. If I assume I made it about halfway through before I fell asleep on average (sometimes I started it at a random point in the middle), that means I have seen Bladerunner about 700 times (give or take about 50) so far!

Lately it’s been Futurama for me.

So, in honor of my 5th (!!!) time watching the entire series all the way through, I decided to whip up a Planet Express logo based on the one shown in Season 1 Episode 2 “The Series Has Landed”.

Planet Express Logo
Planet Express: Our crew is replaceable. Your package isn't.

The original logo as shown in the show was not perfectly round, so I assumed that was the intent. I also had to fudge a bit in finding a font to match (searching online didn’t turn up any ideas on what it might be closest to). I went with “Franklin Gothic Heavy” as the closest match, then tweaked locations to get it to fit as well as possible.

I used Inkscape to create it, so it should open up fine in that (I am assuming it will open fine in any other vector program as well). (I had also previously used Inkscape to make some Young Frankenstein movie posters.)

If you just want a few sizes of the transparent .png file, you can find it here, or directly:

144×134 pixels
288×268 pixels
400×372 pixels
640×595 pixels
800×744 pixels
4508 × 4191 pixels – 712KB

If you’d like the .svg file for it, you can either download the original size from Flickr, then open the image with 7-zip, or you can download it below:

From Google Drive: 
Download the SVG file!

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