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G'MIC Image Averaging Made (Relatively) Easy

I hesitate to mention G’MIC in a title sometimes because I feel that whatever I write is not going to do it justice. For this post, I couldn’t resist.

I really should have posted this a while ago when I first saw it, but to be honest it slipped under my radar. So I’m trying to catch up and make amends.

David Tschumperlé was kind enough to post today a link to some incredible work done by Jérome Ferrari with more averaging images. (It is seriously incredible).

A neat result using -compose-edges in G'MIC

This time everything was done entirely in G’MIC. The images are aligned on the eyes automatically using a little cropping and phase correlation, then scaled to fit both eyes. The results are fantastic.

They are also way faster than doing it my way (aligning eyes and scaling to fit by hand in GIMP).

Head on over and check it out:

Averaging face photos : eye alignment

Also, be sure to check the follow up where there are some slight distortions applied to align the mouths as well.

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