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Film Emulation Presets in G'MIC (GIMP) [Addendum]

Well, it’s been a busy week. I thought it would be nice to post a small update on the current status of these film emulation presets.

In my first post on these, I described what I was doing. At that time, I had only a few different film emulations to go with it. I released a couple of more earlier this week as well (instant films). Here is the current types of film available, with sample plates at their lowest settings to show what they look like (and a preview of some new stuff coming soon).

A method for using these filters while offline can now be found here: Using Film Emulation Filters While Offline.

Old(er) Film Stock Emulation

First up are older film stocks (some haven’t been around for a while):

Free Film Emulation Preset Old Stock GIMP
Old(er) film stock emulations, lowest setting.

The films available with these are:

New(er) Film Stock Emulation

Then I took a look at some newer film stocks as well:

Free Film Emulation Preset New Stock GIMP
New(ish) film stock emulations, lowest setting.

The films available with this set are:

After the initial release, I worked hard to get the next set of my emulations in shape for use.

Instant Film Emulation (Consumer)

I had a bunch of instant film stuff laying around from before, so these were a good choice to push out next. These are the consumer grade instant films:

Free Film Emulation Preset Instant Stock GIMP
Consumer grade instant film emulations, lowest setting.

Some people may even remember some of these…

Instant Film Emulation (Professional)

To go along with the consumer stuff, I had some pro instant film emulations as well:

Free Film Emulation Preset Instant Stock GIMP
Professional instant film emulations, lowest setting.

These include:

If you wanted a neat script to auto-generate the classic polaroid border, I had previously posted something about it here.

This is over 200 different film emulations. The best part is that they are all available right now if you have a recent G’MIC installed.

But wait, there’s more!

I’m not done just yet. I’ve got a bunch of other B&W films, color negative films, and color slide films coming!

Color Positive (Slide) Film Emulation

There are many out there who love their old slide films, and I had a request for some on the previous post, so here are the slide films that I am working on, and will hopefully be available shortly:

Free Film Emulation Preset Color Slide Stock GIMP

The color positive films included in this next batch (in case the text is too small to read) are:

Color Negative Film Emulation

Here are some other color negative films coming soon also:

Free Film Emulation Preset Color Negative Stock GIMP

The films in this list include:

Black & White Film Emulation

Of course, I had to play with a bunch of different B&W films as well:

Free Film Emulation Preset Black and White Stock GIMP

All of the B&W films are:

Even More?

That is what I have at the moment. I’m looking around for any others that I may like to play with, but for the moment this is quite a bundle. As soon as David TschumperlĂ© gets a moment, I’m sure he’ll be adding these last set of emulations into G’MIC as well.

As I’ve mentioned before, these might make a good starting off point to finding what works for you and your taste. Experiment and have fun! If you do use these at all, please show them off and share with the community (either over on the GIMP Users community on G+, or over at the Flickr group).

I’d love to see what others do with these!

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