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On the Open Source Creative Podcast

Last weekend I was honored to be a guest on the Open Source Creative podcast with the one and only Jason van Gumster!

Before recording he made the mistake of telling me to feel free to go off on a tangent. I’m thinking I probably made him regret staying that. :)

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I was super excited to get a chance to talk with Jason and prattle on about all sorts of odd things. We had actually been orbiting near each other online for a while and just hadn’t had the chance to catch up yet, so this was a fun opportunity to chat!

Plus, any chance to introduce PIXLS.US to a wider audience is a good thing in my world!

You can listen to the podcast here:

Or if you’re really a glutton for punishment, you can actually see me in the video of the podcast:

Some minor points/corrections (because I am speaking off the cuff and prone to making mistakes anyway) that I noticed after watching myself for almost two hours:

0:07:40 - I re-did the GIMP website in 2015.
0:09:02 - First commit for PIXLS.US website was FEB 2016.
0:15:08 - LGM 2014 was in Leipzig, not Saarbrucken.
0:21:39 - Pregnant Eyeballs!
0:32:51 - “But a technically perfect blank wall? I’ll take a technically, horribly imperfect emotional image any day of the week.”

Landing of the American troops on Omaha Beach, France, 1944, Robert Capa

0:42:45 - It’s Expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights. I am not a smart man.
0:46:38 - I love the GIMP team!
1:00:25 - It’s Jason Salavon and it was 76 Blowjobs.
1:12:12 - The PIXLS.US mission statement is actually: “To provide tutorials, workflows, and a showcase for high-quality photography and cinematography using Free/Open Source Software.”

Towards the end we sort of touch on something that has been brewing in my mind for quite some time - the idea of a larger community with a basis in much more general creative arts with Free Software. Basically a PIXLS.US idea but extrapolated for the other creative pursuits with people using Free Software. I don’t have the bandwidth (yet!) to really act on this but it’s certainly something I’ve been giving thought to for some time. Especially with the success of PIXLS and the positive results with the community there.

I wonder if we could pull it off?

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